Credit consolidation

Consolidate all your debts into one loan, and worry only about making one personalized monthly payment. Reduce your monthly expenses and improve the terms of your current loans with this product.

Get a car

Finance up to 100% of your car purchase, whether it's new or used, you can choose the model you want with peace of mind. Get the money you need for your next vehicle purchase and pay it off comfortably in installments.


Finance your wedding expenses quickly. Sometimes life brings unexpected events that require cash, which we don't always have. With Co Group, you'll know you have a place to go to get your loan quickly and without complications.

Professional credit

Does your business need financing, new equipment or a new workspace? Get cash at Co Group, without the hassle. Check out your options now!

Travel Loan

Need a getaway? Finance the trip of your dreams, disconnect and worry about nothing else. Get the cash for your new trip at Co Group, no hassle. Check your options now!

Investment loan

You have a project that you have already started, you need financing or a partner to take over the business, we are at your disposal for a profitable partnership.

Frequently Asked question

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  • How do I pay back my loan?

    Repayment of your loan will be simple and will depend on the amount you have requested and the repayment period you have chosen. Normally, periodic withdrawals are made from the account number you indicated on your application.

  • Why do you need so much personal information?

    All the information we request in your CoGroup application is necessary to analyze your profile and to be able to offer you the financing for which you are eligible. Thus, we only use your personal information to provide you with a fully personalized service of the highest possible quality.

  • Can I ask Cogroup to delete my personal data?

    Yes, the Data Protection Act gives you the right to ask the company to delete your personal data at any time. You can consult our data processing policy or write an e-mail

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